P5 News
Shonan@Tax Office No. 176
May 2004

The History of Japanese Tax

        I started writing this business letter late. I occasionally think about writing combined issues of the business letter. There are so many things to choose, but there are not so many things which interest me. I would like to write about lecture at the university. I asked students to write about the tax. Most of the students have interest in the consumption tax.

        AD 645, Nakatomi no Kamatari started the era of the Fujiwara clan that was to last until the rise of the military class (samurai) in the 11th century. In the same year, the Taika reforms were realized: A new government and administrative system was established after the Chinese model. All land was bought by the state and redistributed equally among the farmers in a large land reform in order to introduce the new tax system that was also adopted from China.


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