Shonan@Tax Office No. 171
December 2003

The Reformation of the Pension Scheme


    The government has established many schemes, and people are usually unsatisfied by them because the policy is not concise and clear.

    The pension scheme is one of them.@The pension scheme was made in the short run, so we will always have problems in the future.

    People are unsatisfied because the arbitrary and the burden are not concise. The fund is used for creating jobs, also the scheme is complicated, for the government and local officials have privileges. People cannot expect Social Insurance Agency to be flexible because they are bureaucratic. In addition, people do not trust extra-governmental organizations such as Government Pension Investment Fund, Pension Fund Association, Zensharen, Semposu, The Social Insurance Health Project Foundation, The Employees' Pension Welfare Corporation, and so on. Finally, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare investigated the pension scheme. They concluded that 37.2 % of people did not pay the insurance premium, and 50 % of them are between 20 and 29. Consequently, they say that they will establish the headquarters for this matter. The revisions are followings.


· The national pension expense will go up.
· The social security pension expense will go up.
· People will receive less money because the age of 70 or more will become the insured.
· People who work only part time will have to join the social security pension.

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