P5 News
Shonan Tax Office No. 167
August 2003

National Tax Agency Japan’s Goal

    Many departments and sections set a high standard, and they accomplish the task. For instance, college students evaluate their professors. The evaluation shows that does a class follow by the syllabus, or does a class usually start on time? National Tax Agency also has set a high standard in order to achieve their task.

    For example

    1. National Tax Agency gets to work efficiently and effectively for taxpayers. Main tax offices have 139 branch offices in tax consultant room. In addition, National Tax Agency works hard for taxpayers by using a client survey.
A result of survey by phone consultations.
Year 2000 2001 2003(expecting)
Percentage 60 61.4 Approximately 65


    2. Related laws will be used properly in order to be fairer taxation; moreover, they will try to be more convenient for taxpayers. In order to do that, National Tax Agency will provide fair service for all people and uses related laws properly. 
*Transaction of income tax refund in regular period
Income tax refund offices seek to work accurately and quickly. The following shows how many transactions they did within 6 weeks.

Year 2000 2001 2003
Percentage of transactions 87.0

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