P5 News

Shonan Tax Office No. 159
December 2002

Vogue-word Grand Prix

Jiyukokuminsha has chosen “Japan New Word, Vogue-word Grand Prix” once a year. It is the word that reflects social conditions and is been alive with the general public. Jiyukokuminsha announced Vogue-word of this year in December. The word "Tama chan" was awarded a prize. Tama chan is a kind of seal that suddenly appeared in the Tama River near the Tokyo in August. It has moved to Tsurumi River, Katabira River, and Ooka River gradually. People are alive with this "Tama chan", and it is broadcasted everyday. Ironically, the news is getting too much. For instance, Tama chan seems to be like bigger or smaller, people concern with conditions and environment of the river. "FIFA World Cup (Nakatsue village) was awarded a prize likewise. Nakatsue village was the place where Cameroonian soccer team was spouse to camp; however, they delayed, and Nakatsue village panicked. It was broadcasted and became popular. Top ten words besides grand prix are Kidnap, Muneo House, Mr. Beckham, Inside Indictment, Pearl Lady, and so on. Godzilla was awarded special prize. 

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