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Shonan Tax Office No. 156
September 2002
The National Public Service Ethics Law

   National Public Service Ethic Board has enforced The National Public Service Ethics Law in 1999. According to National Public Service Ethic Board, “The objective of this law is to ensure people*s trust for public service, deterring activities that create suspect or distrust against the fairness of performance of duties by introducing necessary measures to contribute to retaining ethics related to the duties of national public service officials, acknowledging that national public service officials are servants of the whole people and their duties are to fulfill public service entrusted by the public". 

  The National Public Service is a ministrant for a citizen, and duties are entrusted by a citizen. National public officials are prohibited to receive a gift of money, goods or real estate, including a farewell gift, a celebration gift, a monetary offering to the departed soul and flower gift at the funeral from an interest party by The National Public Service Officials Ethics Code. 

  Therefore, it is essential to understand a meaning and definition of an interest party. 

  According to the code, it means, for those employees who deal with permissions or authorizations and for those employees who deal with granting a subsidy. This is only a part of it, and for the rest of them, you can see on the net (http://www.jinji.go.jp/rinri/eng/index.htm). 

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