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Shonan Tax Office No. 153
June 2002
Appending of Documents

The high income tax group was announced every year and this year, too. People who file income tax return until March 31st, and income tax is over 10 million yen consider as the high income tax group. 80,000 people are posted which is 1 % of taxpayers. Consumer credits and Pachinko are relatively doing well in recession, and people who are from those companies occupy the upper rank. Mr. Youji Takahashi, the president of YUNIMAT group, is the highest taxpayer in 2001. His income tax was 6.8 million yen, and his inhabitant tax was 2.4 million yen. His income was approximately 18.5 million yen. Hence, he paid 50 % of tax. In addition, he lives in Takefu-cho Okinawa. It means that he enriched his city.
Licensed tax accountant law was revised in April 2002; as a result, licensed tax accountants must append documents. They must notify how they calculate, consult, and arrange. This law is called Appending of documents for calculation, review, etc. One important point is that the investigation from tax offices can be omitted. There was this system before. However, only 0.3 through 0.5% of people used this system. Because of this revision, in case there are any attached documents, taxpayers get propositions from licensed tax accountants who wrote them, and then investigation will be over after the problems are solved.

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