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Shonan Tax Office No. 152 May 2002

Electronic Government

Japanese government has trying to become electronic government, which is highly intelligence administration. E-government is aimed at doing efficient administration. In order to do it, E-government use digital technology to provide services. For example, a person uses Internet from an office or home to get information of administration, and a person can do declaration on line 24 hours a day. If it success, it is revolutionary. However, it all depends on top executive officers. Civil Justice Association shows patent rolls on line, yet they show in the daytime weekday. 

Development of electronic government ranks among 17th. The best is Canada. Canada says that they drive for "The world's most citizen-connected government." Below are Singapore, USA, Australia, Denmark, UK, Finland, China, German, and Ireland. This information is from http://www.accenture.com. Citizen Electronic Conference Room has been opened in Fujisawa-city and its neighbor. It is aimed for all people that can participate meeting on line. It is one of the few successes. 

There are some problems about the electronic government. The government has improved computerized administration since 1954. Technological revolution developed computed information and networks. These developments made problems with private information and opening information. Nowadays, the Diet (Congress) discusses protecting individual information law.

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