P5 News

Shonan Tax Office No. 149

February, 2002

Final Income Tax Return


   February and March are final income tax return season. The income tax should be done by from February 16th (Sat.) to March 15th (Fri.), yet the tax offices are closed on February 16th. Therefore, final income tax return will begin on February 18th (Mon.). In addition, consumption tax has already begun from January. It will go on until April 1st. Many people seem likely to do tax return and consumption tax at same time.

   Donation tax changed such as basic donation increased from 600,000 yen to 1,100,000 yen. The form of income tax has renewed since this year.

For more information. Link to National Tax Agency (http://www.nta.go.jp)


   There are continuously reports of tax evasion. For instance, a former tax accountant evaded taxes. It was 250,000,000 yen. This affair was remarkable because national tax agency fixed up a former accountant. National tax agency recommends early retirement to refresh the organization. It means staff retires at age 58 and is fixed up for next two years.

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