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Shonan Tax Office. January, 2002

New Year


Minimum wage system is that the government sets minimum wage, and employers must pay at least that money. According to minimum wage law 5th article, an employer and an employee have an agreement with wages; however, if the wage is lower than minimum wage, it is illegal. Minimum wage sets by the area and industry. The district has own minimum wage and there are 47 of minimum wage in Japan. Minimum wage targets only wage that is paid monthly, for example, base pay and allowances. On the other hand, there are not object of minimum wage, for instance, there are marriage allowance, bonus, travel allowance, family allowance, and so on.

The way of confirmation of minimum wage.

Presently, minimum wage has made by money that paid per an hour and a day.

Minimum wage.

1. Tokyo 5,579 yen per day

2. Kanagawa 5,596 yen per day

3. Osaka 5,598 yen per day

4. Miyazaki 4,826 yen per day


Revision of Inheritance tax postponed lowering the max tax rate this time. "Medium and small companies investment promotion tax law" ease slightly. For instance, getting machineries' cost cut from 2,300,000 yen to 1,600,000 yen, and it will reduce the cost.

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