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Shonan Tax Office No. 147 December, 2001
The Religious Corporation
The religious corporation is known as the public service corporation; therefore, there is no taxation for them. However, it does not mean any taxation for everything. For instance, employees' salary is subject to taxation. Moreover, religious activities such as prayer are not subject to taxation. It is hard to distinguish from taxation or not. Because of complex tax law, the tax office seems to have troubles with the religious corporation. According to a survey from corporation tax, percentages that all kinds of public corporation have troubles are School Corporation 14%, Religious Corporation 8%, foundation 6%, and social welfare corporation 6%. The average is 8%. In addition, a survey from withholding income tax tells that about 80% of School Corporation, 70% of Religious Corporation, foundation, and social welfare corporation. The religious corporation was additionally collected 2,000,000,000 yen.
Main occurrences of this year, 2001.
January. George Bush became resident
February. The practice ship "Ehimemaru" was sunken.
March. The Case of KSD, UFJ bank started
April. Koizumi came into power
May. The arson at "Takefuji"
June. Child abuse
July. People fell over like ninepins
August. Prim minister Koizumi paid homage to "Yasukuni" shrine
September. Tragic event of September 11 in New York.
October. U.S. attacks Afghan.
November. "Ichiro" flourish in MLB
December. The crown princess gave birth to a baby.

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