The freedom of information lawAugust, 2001


From April, the informational publication method has enforced, and it could be good for Japan bureaucrat organization. 

After enforcement, people have claimed to open to the public about secret service fund; however, there is a report that documents had already disposed before enforcement. We do not know this is true or not, but the open information system does not seem to work well. 

The purpose of the open information system is that administrative fulfill the duty for the people. It is proper to open information to the public, for by specifying the right to claim document to be opened, it attempt the more publications of information. Therefore, the people are able to understand and criticize administration because we can get information if we require. 

Moreover, we can demand from national tax so that it could be used for reasonable and appropriate taxation. This is old story, but there was a case about tax collection. Some tax collector takes out the document that was made in the tax. It was about standard percentage of income. The judge ruled that the people did not have right to know. Nowadays, it has been awkward to tax without the people knowing.

Because of this law, tax administration has opened information to the public prior to enforce the law.  

The opened to the public tax administration document suppose to use systematically, and it is made or obtained by staff in tax office.

Of course, there is some information that supposes not to open to the public, too. However, if there are many documents, which do not open to the public, the open information system does not mean anything.

Some examples of documents that do not open to the public are documents that are sold in the Gazette, information that can differentiate the specific people, information that may harm benefits of corporation, information that may harm national safety, and information that is an obstacle to the criminal investigation, country, and corporations. 

On the other hand, there is one question that is “can I ask my information or documents for myself”? The national tax office said that although the open information system permits to anyone and any reason, information that may specify the individual could not be opened to the public. This is little strange story because it is not against the personal information protection. 

P5 Corner

Our company, P5, do business of the operation of the property such as the management plan settle, the insurance, and the real estate. 

The road rating price down The continuation in 9 years.

It was published in August 3rd, 2001 at every national tax bureau and offices. Road rating price is the one which becomes a calculation standard with inheritance tax and donation tax on the land per 1u that faced the main road. The country traffic ministry publishes Jan. 1St every year as evaluation time, and the national tax staff considers actual examples of the buying and selling, the evaluation of the real estate surveyors, and so on to calculates in about 80 percentages of “the official price of land”  

The average road rating price of the national standard residential land was 137,000 yen and down 6.2 percent compare to previous year. The price has been down for 9 years, yet falling percentage slightly decreased from previous year (7.0%).

The best road rating price has risen for 16 years in ginza 5 tyuouku Tokyo. Furthermore, the road rating price has risen at Tokyo minatoku, sinagawa, and azabu.

Tokyo, Nagoya, and one part of Fukuoka tend to raise prices slightly, yet Chiba, Osaka, and Nagasaki have decreased prices after previous year.

The max in Kanagawa was 3,860,000 yen in front of Yokohaha station west bus terminal in nishiku Yokohama, but the price has been down 9.4% compare to previous year. The other commercial place also has fallen from previous year, but biggest falling percentage places are central Yamato (14.3% down), Odawara, Hiratsuka.

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