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In Japan, The red feather donation began from 1947, the end of the World War‡U.
This custom lasts the entire the month of October every year.
It was started by Father Flanagan , who took care of war orphans and asked
Japanese people to donate money, food or clothes to war orphans in Saga-prefecture
and Hukuoka-prefecture.
This custom started in only two prefectures and is now nationwide the country
The custom of donating red feathers began just after the World War‡Uwhen houses and people's hearts were destroyed and has continued to now .
I think that this bright red feather on Japanese people's chests after the World War‡Uwas colorful and nice but now it should change .
That donation custom is not important by money and very important by Japanese mind .

If you come to Japan , you will look those red feather on chests and Fall of Japan.

Fall of Japan is one of the best seasons for traveling .
Because the leaves of the trees have many beautiful colors in holiday resort.
So , please enjoy traveling in this season .

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